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TMG Enterprises is a member of the Beef Quality Assurance Program in Washington State.  We offer local, naturally raised beef.  The animals are raised stress free with no antibiotics. 

All animals are 100% beef breed; minimum of 50% Red Angus.  Our locally grown beef is available directly from the farm or picked up from Andals Custom Meats (Mt. Vernon).

Animals are sold for custom butchering by the quarter, half, or whole.  The butchering and cut & wrap is performed by Andals Custom Meats.  We do not have beef available year round, customers may have to wait a short period of time for steers to reach butcher weight.  Please contact us for availability and timetable.

Our beef is all natural with no hormonal supplements.  The animals are raised on our local pasture with a blend of Eastern Washington Alfalfa and grain.  Grain is fed to provide a sweeter, more tender and flavorful cut of beef.  Remember, we are a local family farm, not a feedlot.  We welcome customers to visit our farm (by appointment) to see the difference.  Buying local supports your local economy and farmers.

Beef Pricing

We sell beef by the whole, half, or quarter.  All orders require a deposit of $200 per quarter.  We charge our customers based on the hanging weight of the beef.  Butchering fees (slaughter and cut & wrap) are not included in our price, due when you pick up your beef, and paid directly to the butcher.  Outstanding balance must be paid at or before the time of beef pick up.

Beef Yield

This is an example of the "table cuts" from half of a beef.  A quarter is called a "mixed quarter."  The butcher separates the half and you get 1/2 of the front and 1/2 of the back.  Actual yield will vary by animal weight and your cutting instructions.  Many cuts can be either roasts, steaks, or burger so you will get to choose how your beef is cut.  If you have cuts deboned (example: tenderloin roast or ribeye steaks, ground chuck or round) the take home weight gets reduced without losing meat.

Rump roasts 3-4 lb (4)
Sirloin tip roasts 3-4 lb (3)
T bone steaks 3/4 inch (16)
Sirloin steaks 3/4 inch (7)
Round roasts 3-4 lb (4)
Round steaks 3/4 inch (4)
Chuck roasts 4-5 lb (2)
Cross Rib roasts 4 lb (4)
Rib steaks 3/4 inch (20)
Ground beef 1 lb (75)
Stew Meat 3 lb (7)
Soup Bones (20)

Another source discussing beef yields can be found at Ask the Meatman.

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