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Welcome to TMG Enterprises and TMG Red Angus Cattle.


Hi.  My name is Mary Morcom and I would like to share how we got involved in this great breed of Red Angus cattle. 

It all started in 2000 when my oldest daughter joined a beef 4-H club in Snohomish County.  I was fortunate to grow up around cattle when I was younger and wanted my daughters to have similar experiences.  We started with a Red Angus bottle baby (steer) and progressed to registered cattle.  We strive to improve the quality of our animals and have shared and implemented many ideas of others within the Red Angus and cattle industry.  The girls have gotten involved in show steers so we have also expanded to club calves.

From the start, we have utilized artificial insemination (AI) to breed our females.  In 2008, both Kalynn and I were trained in AI techniques.  AI allows us to select sires with superior genetics and rapidly improve the traits of calving ease, growth rate, maternal ability, and carcass quality.  We keep records on birth weights, weaning weights, and yearling weights. 


Kalynn is in college, but Toria, Shana, and Taylor are all involved with raising and showing cattle with me.  Our herd has grown to 45 animals.  We had 15 babies in 2010 and will have at least 23 in 2011.  Shana has started her own herd of registered Jerseys and has been very successful showing them.  I give special thanks to my partner, Wayne, who keeps everything working on the farm and does his best to keep us all in line.


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